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Indigo DQM Examples

Indigo DQM uses the Indigo Scape DRS an advanced Data Reporting and Document Generation System to generate highly compatible and content rich business reports and documents with standard HTML.

The DRS reporting platform gives the best functionality and compatibility with advanced reporting features and effortless integration of this technology into your projects you can be assured of having the best reporting capabilities with Indigo DQM.

Indigo DRS Data Reports

The example reports give some idea of what can be quickly achieved using Indigo DRS Data Reporting and Document Generation platform using Indigo DQM to Query, Process and Data Mine.

1). Indigo ICR Crypto Coins Report

2). Mortgage Report

3). Financial Fee Report

4). Loan Report

5). Mixed Tables Report

6). Europass CV

7). Covid19 Report

8). Decision Tree Report

9). Share Prices Report

10). Funds Price Report

11). Mail Chimp Report

12). Geo Locations Report

13). Exif Images Report

14). Math Report

Example Report RDL Files

Example Reports

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